Women’s Circles

Women’s Wisdom Circle - Marcia Dorfman

Women’s Wisdom Circle
Starting January 2013 in Kingston, Ontario

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is a unique opportunity to gather in a small, intimate circle of professional women who share a deep desire to live an authentic life and want to explore their path to creating it.

If this might be you – if you seek a deeper connection with your ‘true self’ so you can make wise and heart-based choices in life going forward, then read on because this may be of interest to you.

Reflect on this……

For generations, women have gathered in circles to learn from and support one another. Today more than ever, we are longing for this kind of connection… for a safe and loving space to be authentically ourselves where we can explore who we are at our core and what matters to us.

So many women tell me they have lost touch with their innermost self. All their attention is on making their way through busy to-do lists. They find themselves disappearing in the many roles they play in the world.

When we are overwhelmed, it’s easy to miss what else might be possible to include in our lives.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to consider joining a Women’s Wisdom Circle, starting in mid-January. Make this your time to focus on you!

The Important Details

With me, Marcia, as your guide, the circle (maximum of 6 women ready and eager to stretch and grow) will meet 10 times over six months from 7 to 9 pm, every second week (with one or two exceptions), on Monday evenings starting in mid-January. The gatherings will be at my home in Kingston.

This will be a special time set aside for you to:

  • deepen your ability to be centered, mindful and present
  • listen without judgment and express your truth courageously
  • connect with your inner wisdom where wisdom and clarity reside
  • be surrounded by supportive women who stand for safety and trust, emotional sensitivity, and connectivity
  • find and get to know the real you beyond the roles that you play
  • begin to bring your authentic self into every interaction

In your heart, you know that personal authenticity makes a
difference in every facet of your life.

This gathering, inspired by the writings of Parker J. Palmer, is based on two important principles:

  1. That we all have a ‘wise woman’ within (our inner teacher), from whom we get valuable and loving guidance when we listen for her voice.
  2. That we all need the support of others to amplify this voice, since the authentic path requires work, courage, and develops from inner reflection and dialogue.

The Women’s Wisdom Circle is based on a way of being together that enables our inner voice (our soul) to come forward and become an integral part of our lives.

Why I want to do this…..

As a professional coach, I have been privileged to lead and participate in a number of women’s circles and am currently part of an international and wonderful group of eight women, learning together and deepening our connection to ourselves and each other. In this safe, loving, and present circle, we are being trained to teach body-centered coaching, while discovering the power of being together in this way.

I want to share this experience with women in my community and am therefore offering you a chance to participate in a Women’s Wisdom Circle. My intention is to create a circle of women who are committed to holding a safe, loving and present space for each of us to uncover our authentic selves.

My Invitation to You

I invite you to consider how participating in this circle could change how you live your life. Your investment, along with your commitment to your personal discovery, will be $425 plus tax. Do give yourself this gift!

If this invitation calls to you, please phone me at 613-544-9912 for a conversation in which we can explore if this is the right fit for you.

You can learn more about me and the one-on-one work that I do, at my website www.oneononecoaching.com, and/or my blog www.coachinghearttalk.com.

I look forward to our conversation.