When “True Self” Shines

I just watched it again.  Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent.  And teared up again.  I think that would happen no matter how many times I watch it. My heart is full.  Full of admiration, joy, inspiration, full of the music, full of her brilliance.

Full of the knowing that in each of us there resides our own gift to the world, if only we would walk out there, stand confidently in our knowing, and open our mouths to let it out for the world to enjoy and embrace.

It happened when I watched Paul Potts, another seemingly unlikely star with a brilliant singing voice,who won this contest a year or two ago, similarly stunning the judges, the audience and the world.  I just watched him again on a You Tube clip, and teared up again.

And I ask you, so you can ask yourselves:

  • Am I letting my true self shine?
  • How am I hiding my light, my gifts?  What am I cheating the world of?
  • With Susan Boyle and Paul Potts as inspiration, what is possible for me now?

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