Marcia is someone who makes a difference in people’s lives.  If you are looking to make fundamental changes in your personal or professional life, regardless of your particular circumstance, you want someone who can get you there.

When first exploring the idea of coaching, I didn’t really know what to expect.  And before commencing our chats, I didn’t always know where the conversation would lead. My uncertainty was of no consequence.  Marcia tailors things to your individual situation.  She works from wherever you are at, and along whatever timeline you need.  There is no syllabus, no agenda, no script.

Marcia walks alongside you, whatever path you are on, guiding you along the way.  She hears what you say, probes your point of view, and helps you hone in on critical pieces.  She fills in blanks and captures the essence of things. Her unique blend of intuition and insight helps you gain perspective and see things in a new light. While supporting you in her kind and caring way, she will modestly deny this gift that she possesses.

Marcia helped me bring about real change, the kind we commonly strive to find by reading books or attending training sessions … the ones that tend to fall short of anything truly substantive.

Working with a personalized coach should be more commonplace, or at the very least, perhaps an approach you should consider giving a try.

Supervisor, Municipal Government, Ontario