I met Marcia while I was completing my MBA and she was my coach for over a year. At the time I was in a major transitional period. Not only was I completing my MBA, but the company I worked at was undergoing significant organizational change.

When I first met Marcia there was a lot of turmoil in my career.  She helped me look at the bigger picture and take a longer view on my career. In the past I sometimes made decisions irrationally or without sufficient analysis.

Marcia helped me strip away some of the emotional elements that had been clouding certain issues for me. She helped me think about things in a tangible, real way. Through this I was able to identify what was really important to me, make better decisions and move forward.

Marcia has a knack for teasing out information and separating the emotional elements from the reality.  She always asks the right questions for me to make my own self-realizations.

Marcia helped me see the longer-term implications and avoid rash decisions.

She helped me put the brakes on and look at the situation in a different light.

As a person Marcia is just lovely. She has a wonderful temperament, is friendly, and always feels approachable. This all adds to her appeal as a coach.

I would happily hire Marcia again in the future when I have a need for coaching again.

Sandeep Parmar, Manager, IT, Pason Systems Corp

Calgary, Alberta