I initially reached out to Marcia because I was anticipating a serious career change and I knew I needed somebody to work through the changes with and someone who had an approach I could relate to.

One of my goals in working with Marcia was to get clarity on some very big decisions. I was going to have to make these changes in any case, but working with Marcia has enabled me to do it from a confident and comfortable place.

One of the things I love is that she gets things quickly. She asks the right questions to help me understand why I want to move in a certain direction and why it is important.  She listens with the purpose of understanding and she has this incredibly positive outlook. Her ability to “get me” quickly and then give me the positive feedback I need right away is why I wanted to work with her and what she has been able to bring. It’s one of the things I remembered from when I first met and worked with her years ago.

She’s so easy and so open. She’s very open-minded.  What I admire about Marcia is that she is somebody who takes a lot of risk personally and professionally, but conveys it in a very safe way. I think that’s a lot of what her coaching does - it creates some safety around those higher risk areas.

The work we do together is digging deep and touches all aspects of my life. It can’t help but impact every other area and leave a positive effect. Marcia has brought grace to what could have been a messy process. That is the value Marcia adds.

Michelle Audas

Fredericton, New Brunswick