I first sought Marcia as a life coach because I felt I was in a bit of a rut. In many ways, I was happy and content with my life. I had a rewarding and successful career, many friends, satisfying hobbies and interests. However, I often felt that my relationships were superficial and I avoided allowing people to get close to me. I felt like it was time to make a change, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Marcia, through her coaching, validated my feelings and concerns. That was the first step. For me, it was a very important one. She asked me probing questions which led me to reflect on my values, my priorities and my aspirations. I soon learned that the answers came from within–I just needed someone to ask the right questions. Initially, I was skeptical that being coached over the phone was likely to be helpful. I couldn’t imagine establishing trust and speaking openly about sensitive issues without face to face communication. But my skepticism was dispelled after the first phone contact. Sitting in the comfort and privacy of my kitchen, with a steaming cup of coffee, I found our conversations always left me feeling invigorated, challenged and hopeful. I have definitely benefited from the coaching experience. I have made new friends, deepened old friendships and honed long-dormant talents. I am clearer about my values and priorities. I am now facing the future with confidence and a sense of adventure.

Martha Vowles, Speech Language Pathologist