I met Marcia through Courage to Act - a womens’ leadership program she co-led for a number of years  - and had her as my coach for almost 3 years. She had been in the government as I am, but she made a choice and was following a path to do something she was passionate about.  I was inspired by her courage to do that.

Working with Marcia was a very positive experience. My first impression of her was of an open and warm person but I learned more as I worked with her. I discovered the wealth and depth of knowledge and training she has. I realized that when we spoke there was much more behind it than just the conversation we might have. She’s constantly drawing on a broad toolkit.

As we worked together I learned to better recognize some of my traits and deal with their challenges, not letting them hold me back. I felt more confident. I was able to speak up more in meetings and argue my point of view more effectively.

The increased confidence was the big one but I also experienced other positive changes. I learned to recognize that there are different management styles and not being an “in your face” leader isn’t always a bad thing. This realization helped me discover and appreciate my own management style and strengths and truly understand their value.

In the future, if I make a career move or take on a big challenge I will want to have Marcia in my corner again.

Manager, Government of Canada Public Service

Ottawa, Ontario