I started working with Marcia in January of 2012. At the time I was completing my Executive MBA and looking forward to having someone in my corner.

I have been a coach and a mentor in a professional capacity for many years but have never had one myself so I didn’t know what to expect as a receiver. Fortunately, the experience was great right from the start. At no time did I ever feel that Marcia was trying to tell me what to do...yet at every opportunity we spoke, Marcia helped me talk through my challenges so I could hear what was going on in my head and get it out in words.

Everything I do is my decision and Marcia reminded me that each morning I’d have to wake up and face myself in the mirror. I think Marcia really lives this way in her own life - we connected there because we share a high moral standard.

I think she was able to listen to my voice or perhaps my breathing: Marcia could always tell when she needed to jump in and give me a little more. After the conversations, I didn’t necessarily feel like all my problems were solved, but I felt like I was in control...which was kind of cool.

My goal before the MBA was to switch jobs and move across the country to Alberta, and I’ve done that. There have been some challenging times when I’ve come back to my office and been a little wound up. At those times I can “hear” Marcia’s words and they continue to support me.

Since working with Marcia I’ve noticed improvement in my ability to actually listen and hear what people are saying. I’ve noticed I make a lot more eye contact with people and spend more time understanding who they are, and not just what technical skills they bring. I do attribute that a lot to Marcia. She never comes right out and teaches this. It’s an organic result because she spends so much time focused on you, that you learn how to do it with others.

I highly recommend working with Marcia.

Lilli Chevrier, Global Program Manager

Edmonton, Alberta