I started working with Marcia as part of my own coach training through the Coaches Training Institute and worked with her for about 9 months.

I chose her to be my coach because I liked that Marcia had concrete business experience and was pragmatic about her approach to coaching. She was also very good at helping me with stress. By the end of our calls the stress would be gone, I’d be re-energized and feeling clear.

Marcia does the things a good coach does: acknowledgement, helping you re-frame things and helping you break down challenges into manageable bits so by the end of the call you feel like you can tackle what had felt like an overwhelming task.

Our work together helped me learn to pay more attention to how my body responds in different situations. Marcia’s really good at helping you ground yourself and see where your issues show up in your body. I developed better coping strategies with the challenges and problems in my life. She also helped me work through some challenges I had with my own clients.

Working with Marcia definitely helped me get through certification, which is a very demanding program. There were definitely times when I came on a call really stressed out and by the end of the call I’d feel good. Usually the only thing that does this for me is running. I could talk with her and go through it and helped me shift to a new place. When I had a challenge, she helped me see things from a different perspective. I was also able to move to action more quickly, which is important to me.

I finished my certification in November and we continued for a few more months. I will contact Marcia again in the future when I need a coach.

Katherine G., HR Director

Vancouver, BC