My work with Marcia really transformed the environment at my work and had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally.

I had never had this kind of coaching before and at first was definitely hesitant. Marcia was actually hired by the board at my company. I was managing 18 staff at the time and we had just been through many changes, building on significant change over the five years before.

Marcia was able to help me through this time without actually giving me specific answers but rather asking the right questions to help me see clearly.  I learned to approach situations differently – in ways I would not have done without our work together.

I’ve been a high-level athletic coach of my daughter’s team for years and I wish I could go back and start over now that I’ve experienced this kind of coaching. Whether it is an athletic team or your team at work, it can be so powerful.

Coaching with Marcia had a massive impact on me as a leader.  It’s changed the whole environment in my company. By receiving coaching, I was able to pass on my new attitude or way of being, and what I was learning to the people reporting to me.  In turn they passed it down to those reporting to them. It affected the whole team positively and has created a much happier environment.

At certain times, we discussed personal situations I was dealing with and Marcia really helped me through them as well.

One thing that really stands out for me was appreciating the value of being my true self regardless of where I am.  Whether at home or at work, I’ve learned to be the same person everywhere.

Working with Marcia made life easier for me and felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.  Overall I’m now feeling much less stress and definitely feeling happier.

Elizabeth Borges, Manager

Kingston, Ontario