My experience with Marcia has been excellent.

I’m a type A person - you know “go go go,  but I was never in tune with my feelings. Marcia has helped me develop an emotional awareness I never knew I was lacking. This has made me a much better person and a better leader.

I first met Marcia at a women’s networking event. To be honest, my initial impression was that she wasn’t as “driven” as I am and that we could never work together because our personalities are so different.

Later when I was looking for a coach I decided to learn more about Marcia. Reading her history on her website I thought that ‘maybe I was too quick to judge’. Our first call confirmed this and our personalities have been an excellent mesh ever since.

Marcia is very insightful and this is one of the great things that I truly appreciate about her. When we start a coaching call, it is about what I want to talk about. She doesn’t have a process or an agenda. Funny enough, a “system” would have really appealed to me, but would not have been what I actually needed.

Since working with Marcia I have developed a lot as a leader. I’ve started stepping back and getting to know the people I’m leading.  Instead of just leading the project, I’ve learned to lead and develop the people who work with me.

I’ve also noticed myself becoming the same person in all kinds of different situations, business and personal. This feels more authentic and it’s been more of an integration of my work and personal life.

By letting me direct the topics of our conversations, Marcia has opened me up to so much more than I thought we would have done. My experience has not been what I expected from coaching; it has been much more. Working with Marcia has gone beyond my expectations and has had a very positive impact on my business and personal life.

Debbie W, Director of Finance/Corporate Services

Kingston, Ontario