I had my own business from 2004 which I closed in 2010 when my daughter was born. Recently I felt ready to take on new pursuits, but I didn’t know in what direction to go.  Before I started working with Marcia, I had a whole lot of options and nothing was feeling right.

Working with Marcia has shown me the value of having a coach. It’s so important to take time to focus on your plan and yourself.

Marcia is very intuitive and picks up not just on your words but your tone of voice and even your mannerisms. She hears what you say or feel beyond just the words you say. You tell her your story and she tells it back to you in a more detailed way. She unmasks things that you weren’t even aware you were masking.  By doing this, she has helped me see myself from a new perspective. She has helped me make changes and shift beliefs I have tried to change for most of my lifetime.

Now I have begun pursuing a new entrepreneurial venture similar to my past business, but designed around the life I want to have. And I’ve learned to be unwavering in what is right for me and take a stance on it. In other words, I’ve learned how to show up as me and take care of myself, rather than just show up for everyone else, as I did before.

Since working with Marcia I also feel a lot less stress in my life and it just feels good. I feel sure of my abilities and I don’t let anyone question them. Things feel clear and less stressful and I feel like I am on an unwavering path.

If you too find yourself at a crossroads, I highly recommend scheduling a consultation with Marcia. She will be able to help.

Cindy Johnson, Goldsmith-Designer

Kingston, Ontario