I worked with Marcia for a four-month period while completing my MBA. At the time, everyone in our program was feeling a lot of stress and my own stress levels were magnified because I had just moved to Canada from India. Everything in my life was new and ripe with challenges. This culture shock, combined with the demands of my MBA program, was overwhelming and it was difficult to handle it all.

My work with Marcia was invaluable. Having her in my corner helped me overcome many challenges and achieve more in my program. Sessions with Marcia helped me introspect and understand my problems better and that prepared me well to address the challenges I was facing. She helped me realize it wasn’t just me; many other people had faced and overcome a similar situation. This caused me to feel less alone and more inspired to succeed.

My performance actually improved when I started working with Marcia. I started playing a more active role within my team which resulted in better overall performance. I learned to enroll myself more and that gave me the confidence to keep improving and keep going.

I loved working with Marcia. As a person she is very warm and friendly. It’s easy to open up with her. I feel like I can share any issues with her as she is such a caring person. It was a very good experience. I always felt great after our calls regardless of how stressed I was when they started.

Since working with Marcia, I completed my MBA, moved to beautiful California and now have a great career. I would encourage anyone going through the MBA program to work with Marcia. She is very supportive of her clients and will go the extra mile to help you succeed.

Abhi Rao, Business Systems Analyst, Zenmonics

Bay Area, California