Marcia is someone who makes a difference in people’s lives.  If you are looking to make fundamental changes in your personal or professional life, regardless of your particular circumstance, you want someone who can get you there. When first exploring the idea of coaching, I didn’t really know what to expect.  And before commencing our chats, I didn’t always know where the conversation would lead. My uncertainty was of no consequence.  Marcia tailors things to your individual... Continue reading

Supervisor, Municipal Government, Ontario

I met Marcia while I was completing my MBA and she was my coach for over a year. At the time I was in a major transitional period. Not only was I completing my MBA, but the company I worked at was undergoing significant organizational change. When I first met Marcia there was a lot of turmoil in my career.  She helped me look at the bigger picture and take a longer view on my career. In the past I sometimes made decisions irrationally or without sufficient analysis. Marcia helped me strip... Continue reading

Sandeep Parmar, Manager, IT, Pason Systems Corp

Calgary, Alberta

I initially reached out to Marcia because I was anticipating a serious career change and I knew I needed somebody to work through the changes with and someone who had an approach I could relate to. One of my goals in working with Marcia was to get clarity on some very big decisions. I was going to have to make these changes in any case, but working with Marcia has enabled me to do it from a confident and comfortable place. One of the things I love is that she gets things quickly. She asks the... Continue reading

Michelle Audas

Fredericton, New Brunswick

I met Marcia through Courage to Act - a womens’ leadership program she co-led for a number of years  - and had her as my coach for almost 3 years. She had been in the government as I am, but she made a choice and was following a path to do something she was passionate about.  I was inspired by her courage to do that. Working with Marcia was a very positive experience. My first impression of her was of an open and warm person but I learned more as I worked with her. I discovered the wealth... Continue reading

Manager, Government of Canada Public Service

Ottawa, Ontario

My experience with Marcia has been excellent. I’m a type A person - you know “go go go,  but I was never in tune with my feelings. Marcia has helped me develop an emotional awareness I never knew I was lacking. This has made me a much better person and a better leader. I first met Marcia at a women’s networking event. To be honest, my initial impression was that she wasn’t as “driven” as I am and that we could never work together because our personalities are so different. Later... Continue reading

Debbie W, Director of Finance/Corporate Services

Kingston, Ontario

My work with Marcia really transformed the environment at my work and had a huge impact on me both personally and professionally. I had never had this kind of coaching before and at first was definitely hesitant. Marcia was actually hired by the board at my company. I was managing 18 staff at the time and we had just been through many changes, building on significant change over the five years before. Marcia was able to help me through this time without actually giving me specific answers but... Continue reading

Elizabeth Borges, Manager

Kingston, Ontario

I worked with Marcia for a four-month period while completing my MBA. At the time, everyone in our program was feeling a lot of stress and my own stress levels were magnified because I had just moved to Canada from India. Everything in my life was new and ripe with challenges. This culture shock, combined with the demands of my MBA program, was overwhelming and it was difficult to handle it all. My work with Marcia was invaluable. Having her in my corner helped me overcome many challenges and... Continue reading

Abhi Rao, Business Systems Analyst, Zenmonics

Bay Area, California

I had my own business from 2004 which I closed in 2010 when my daughter was born. Recently I felt ready to take on new pursuits, but I didn’t know in what direction to go.  Before I started working with Marcia, I had a whole lot of options and nothing was feeling right. Working with Marcia has shown me the value of having a coach. It’s so important to take time to focus on your plan and yourself. Marcia is very intuitive and picks up not just on your words but your tone of voice and even... Continue reading

Cindy Johnson, Goldsmith-Designer

Kingston, Ontario

I started working with Marcia in January of 2012. At the time I was completing my Executive MBA and looking forward to having someone in my corner. I have been a coach and a mentor in a professional capacity for many years but have never had one myself so I didn’t know what to expect as a receiver. Fortunately, the experience was great right from the start. At no time did I ever feel that Marcia was trying to tell me what to do...yet at every opportunity we spoke, Marcia helped me talk... Continue reading

Lilli Chevrier, Global Program Manager

Edmonton, Alberta

I started working with Marcia as part of my own coach training through the Coaches Training Institute and worked with her for about 9 months. I chose her to be my coach because I liked that Marcia had concrete business experience and was pragmatic about her approach to coaching. She was also very good at helping me with stress. By the end of our calls the stress would be gone, I’d be re-energized and feeling clear. Marcia does the things a good coach does: acknowledgement, helping you... Continue reading

Katherine G., HR Director

Vancouver, BC

I approached Marcia when I really needed to figure out where I wanted to go with my career. I was unhappy with law, but saw not much else to do. Through talking and working with her, I have started a new and exciting career as a mediator (Insightful Mediation). She helped me find my own answers by teaching me to listen to my own intuition. I still rely on the skills I learned from her to navigate my day to day life. I enjoyed talking to Marcia and learned much about myself through the process.... Continue reading

Karoline Bourdeau

Insightful Mediation

Marcia has been truly instrumental in helping me rediscover myself. She helps me acknowledge my weaknesses but encourages me to focus on my strengths at the same time. She is able to help me dissect personal and professional challenges down to the core question of these issues. She encourages me to identify and try different approaches to resolve my challenges, or process the issue from different perspectives. Marcia is able to push me to be more decisive but at the same time able to nicely... Continue reading

Hoe Wong, MBA, Project Manager

Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario

How has coaching with Marcia changed my life?  A number of things come to mind:  feeling confident & energetic, feeling better equipped to cope with the pressures in life and stronger relationships with people in general, especially with my family…. I have to admit that I was/am a pretty outgoing person.  Some of that was mostly visable on the outside.  Marcia really has the ability to tap into your character and really connect with you. I now work for a charity organization that... Continue reading

Shelley LeBlanc

Saint John, New Brunswick

The energy and synergy of eight strangers becoming friends with themselves and each other was phenomenal. Marcia – You ROCK!  Keeping doing what you are doing – you are single handedly helping women LIVE OUT LOUD!  I love it! These six sessions have taken me 6 steps closer to realizing my goal to be a ‘woman living out loud’, and continues to open doors for personal reflection. I see now that a ‘woman living out loud’ is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.  Someone... Continue reading

Maureen Olsen

Quispamsis, New Brunswick

If you’re like me and think this kind of a group is good for other women, but not me — you’re wrong.  I met the most wonderful women of  diverse backgrounds and I feel we grew together as well as individually. I feel I know myself better than ever before and like what I see. I see life so differently than when I... Continue reading

Linda McCall

Quispamsis, New Brunswick

I worked with Marcia the last two years and have benefited greatly from her coaching. With Marcia’s encouragement, common sense advice, positive statements and coaching exercises, I have been able to turn my attitude, and life around. Starting from a sense of being ‘trapped’ and thinking of most things in negative terms, I now know what is important in my life, (family, friends, living) , and I’m enjoying and appreciating them. Where before all I could see in life were problems, now I... Continue reading

Brian Smith

Saint John, New Brunswick

I first sought Marcia as a life coach because I felt I was in a bit of a rut. In many ways, I was happy and content with my life. I had a rewarding and successful career, many friends, satisfying hobbies and interests. However, I often felt that my relationships were superficial and I avoided allowing people to get close to me. I felt like it was time to make a change, but wasn’t sure where to begin. Marcia, through her coaching, validated my feelings and concerns. That was the first step.... Continue reading

Martha Vowles, Speech Language Pathologist

There are times we need to learn how to adjust our way of thinking in order to move on in a positive and forward direction. Through coaching, Marcia provided the guidance required in order for me to view things from another perspective by providing unbiased suggestions, patience, encouragement and... Continue reading

Sharon Charters, Human Resources Professional

City of Fredericton, New Brunswick

Professional Coaching really moved my confidence, self-awareness and belief in my own strengths to the next level. In consultation with Marcia, I developed effective coping strategies, improved my life balance skills and created a vision of where I’d like to be ten years from now. Coaching provided me with clarity, powerful professional and emotional support, and access to resourceful alternatives. Each session left me with a palpable sense of calmness and... Continue reading

Connie Sprague

Saint John, New Brunswick

As a coach, Marcia conveys a refreshing balance of empathy and directness in her interactions which allowed me as an executive and a subsequent coach-in-training to feel understood and supported, and yet always challenged and stretched to grow professionally. In our coaching sessions, I have always felt ‘heard’ and ‘seen’ by Marcia, which has led to deep trust and honesty in our... Continue reading

Margaret Totten, Coach in Training

Totten Life Coaching

Marcia’s background in organizational development and her significant management experience were invaluable to me as I developed my leadership style and responses to the scenarios that arose over the course of our working relationship. Not only are Marcia’s listening skills superlative—she has the ability to hear with intuition — but she has a gift of being able to paraphrase in a way that brings clarity and facilitates the development of next... Continue reading

Wendy Arnott, Corporate Facilitator

London, Ontario

I first met you at a time when I was faced with a very stressful work environment and a career changing one…. I had allowed people’s unhappiness to affect my own well being and how it impacted my day. Your passion for helping and understanding people and being able to bring their qualities, assets and strengths out is a testament to not only your professionalism but the caring person you are. Thank you for being who you are and caring so much. You have made a difference in my... Continue reading

Susan Fitzpatrick, Operations Manager, Urban & Traffic Services

City of Saint John, NB

She listens to my various issues without judgment or reservation and then discusses those issues with me. She asks me challenging and probative questions while still conveying that she’s on my side. That, in my opinion, is a difficult balance to accomplish and Marcia has successfully mastered that... Continue reading

Alison Renton, Lawyer

Toronto, Ontario

I found Marcia to be both personal in approach and professional in delivery.  She has a great ability to listen, identify the underlying issues, and to raise probing questions.  She is an excellent sounding board – listening and guiding, but allowing me to find the right answers on my own.  Our discussions allowed me to work through a number of significant issues relating to my transition, including helping me to deal with a myriad of emotions throughout this process.  Frankly, I... Continue reading

Brian Trenholm, C.A.

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Marcia is an excellent listener. She is not afraid to push her clients to consider ”another perspective” to expand the range of possible responses to issues/situations, but she is sensitive to her client’s needs and will modify her approach to suit her client. Of particular importance to me, her coaching was accomplished with humour as well as... Continue reading

Alyson Townsend, President & CEO

Canadian Cable Systems Alliance

During the period when Marcia coached me, I was preparing for a major career change to a senior executive level position within my organization. Marcia’s skills were a significant asset not only in a practical way, but more importantly, she was a true motivator and ‘champion’ for me in the changes I wanted to make.  Her energy and enthusiasm were... Continue reading

Margaret Melanson, Vice-President, Clinical & Facility Support Services

Atlantic Health Services Corporation

Marcia is a natural in this field and has been easy to develop a productive working relationship with. She uses a good balance of listening and feedback, and has solid intuition when she senses there are more issues to talk through. She has used a number of tools to help me gain more self-awareness of my style of management and then helped me build on this in managing relationships and... Continue reading

Kevin Scott, P. Eng., Senior Manager

Irving Oil Limited

Marcia's greatest strength lies in her ability to personalize her services to the situation and to the person she is dealing with. Coaching seems to be a choice, not a chore; her heart and soul are present in every... Continue reading

Christian Couturier, Director General

National Research Council – Institute for Information Technology