Taking a Break (2)

I have just returned from 2 1/2 glorious weeks of vacation, most of that spent on a cruise ship in the South Atlantic, visiting Buenos AIres, Rio de Janeiro and points in between (below: photo from cable car above Rio).  I thought I would write some blogposts while away, but much as I enjoy writing these posts when I am at home, doing so on vacation didn’t have any appeal during that time.

Photo from cable car above Rio

So as I whiled away the time, in between making important cruise decisions (like which restaurant to go to for dinner), reading novels, going to the gym, sightseeing in unusual and wonderful places, I reflected on the pure joy of being pampered and just enjoying the newness, the beauty, the languidness of it all….and spending easy time with my husband with no responsibilities.

And I thought how important it is to take a break from one’s regular routine – to expand horizons, to appreciate what we have, to refresh one’s heart and soul.

I’m still transitioning back to ‘the real world’, but know that I have a different kind of energy to move ahead in the coming days.

I wonder:

  • Do you ensure that you take a break? Or are you consumed by your work and life responsibilities and challenges?
  • What refreshes your heart and soul?
  • What’s possible for you when you allow yourself to take a break?

One thought on “Taking a Break (2)

  1. What a breathtaking photo from your trip! Thank you for sharing it as well as your insights on the importance of taking time away from what’s usual. To really get in touch, relax and appreciate is time well spent.

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