Giving Thanks


It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, and there is so much to give thanks for. Today I am grateful for my wonderful life – for my generous-hearted, loving husband Rick, for my growing families (my first family and my acquired family through Rick); for finding my passion as a coach and the very special clients I have been privileged, and are privileged to work with; for my health; for my amazing friends, for the opportunity to travel… and so much more.

I have just come back from a week in beautiful British Columbia, participating in the beginning of a year-long intensive program with Marlena Field and 7 other amazing women, as we immerse ourselves in body-centered coaching, developed and taught by Marlena.

I am grateful for being able to continue learning in this way and trust that what I gain from this immersion will benefit me personally and professionally, and by extension everyone I interact with.

Today the sun is shining in a beautiful clear blue sky, the air is crisp and cool, the trees vibrant with fall colour….. Life is good.

What are you grateful for today?

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all.

Joy of Summer

Maybe it’s because I live in Canada, where winters can be long, and oh so cold, and the days sadly short. In winter we hibernate, though that has its own benefits – to be explored at another time. However, there is something about Summer that brings warmth to the land and to each of us who partake of all it has to offer.
What I love is the languidness of it, the slower pace, the gatherings of friends and family when kids can run and hide outdoors and let their imaginations run free. Even though there is warmth (sometimes) in April, May, June, and for sure in September and October, somehow summer seems just to be July and August (shades of school-days?). And how swiftly it goes by. Here it is the beginning of August and with plans already made for September, I can see its end, not far ahead.

But why do I project to its end? Why not just enjoy and revel in each long day to its fullest?

Wise people over the centuries have encouraged us to live in the present moment. That in truth is the only moment we have. Of course there is value in recalling the past (both sweet and painful memories) and imagining and anticipating the future. But today, this moment, is what I have now.

Sitting here in the morning light as the sun rises out my window, reflecting, appreciating and being grateful for all that is good in my life.