Sights and Sounds

I’m sitting here in Sammy’s Store, Restaurant & Pub on the beach where a good portion of the movie Ryan’s Daughter was filmed some 38 years ago. Improbably, this small establishment on the edge of the Dingle Peninsula on the west coast of Ireland – today covered in exotic Irish mist – is connected via wireless, so I can feed my addiction to my MacBook and the world.

Listening to the sound of the surf crashing onto the beach, and the lilting sweet voice of our young server, I am awed by my surroundings.

Earlier today, we tromped through ancient ruins – both pagan and Roman – and marvelled at the remains of mortarless stone structures (walls, churches, cemeteries) that have stood the test of hundreds of years of salt water erosion and sometimes human carelessness.

Narrow highway by the seaWe stopped several times along the narrow highway by the sea, and breathed in the magnificent views of mountains and sea.

Our warm, generous and gregarious innkeeper, Dudley Morgan, who runs House of Four Angels ( in the hills above the small village of Inch, was our guide. An American of Irish heritage who has lived here for 16 years, he is passionate about Irish history and the beauty of the area in which he has chosen to live and share with his guests.

We are delighted to have found him – on the Internet of course – and his piece of paradise. Thank you Dudley, for a wonderful introduction to the history and beauty of your adopted homeland.

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