Power On/Power Off

There’s a message in everything if we choose to be curious about it.

Today the power went off just as I was writing something oh so important….though now I can’t recall what it was.  Hmnn, how important was it then?

So no phones, except my cell-phone, no computer, no electric lights for about 15 minutes!  But the sun was shining so I walked down to the corner to ask the hydro guys what was up.  And they kindly explained that they were doing some work that required them not to have a live connection!

And sure enough the power went on again … for about an hour, until it went off again for a moment, just as they had advised it would.

Power on/power off/power on…..sort of mirrors how I’ve been feeling this week.  Just getting back in the swing of the new year (the learner in me always feels that September is the true new year!)… motivated some moments to ratchet up my business in the months ahead, and other moments, wanting to go back to vacation mode.  

Do you notice your power is back on in September?  Full-time…or just intermittently?  Are you patient when it disappears? Or angry and annoyed?  (whew, thank goodness I was patient this time – I’d hate to have to confess to being annoyed!)

What do you need to do to be “powered on” for all the hours you want to be working, doing, producing, creating, etc.  When do you need to “power off”?

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