Permission to Enjoy

This summer I have really let myself enjoy the time, the space, the warmth, the relaxation that, in my line of work anyway, comes at this time of year.  Enjoy that, is, without guilt, or thinking about what I should be doing to

a) clean up my office (my forever undone task),
b) market myself and my business to attract new clients,
c) worry about marketing myself/my business to attract more clients. 

Somehow, thanks to the encouragement and support of my own coach, I just let go and went with the flow.  And guess what? I was more productive than I have been in a long time!  And more rested.  And had more fun!

In the past two weeks, I have created a brochure, and started my blog, and lo and behold, before I had even completed them, two fabulous new clients appeared seemingly  out of the blue! Funny how that works.  All you have to do, I conclude, is let go. 

So I’m wondering – what have you let go of this summer? What appeared that surprised you?

Alternatively, what are you holding on to? How is that working for you?  Are you taking the time to breathe, reflect, experience, allow, enjoy, have fun? 

What is possible if you let yourself go there?

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