Perfectionism vs. Professionalism

I admit it.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  I thought I had conquered my worst tendencies to over-do whatever I’m working on.  But then I tackled the E-course I referred to in my last blogpost.

Writing it in the first place turned out to be the easy part.  Once I actually sat down and wrote it, that is.  Getting it in the shape I am comfortable with – both in what it offers, and the technology of getting it on my website and into an email marketing system – was easier said than done.

The thing is, besides being a perfectionist – a not always admirable quality – I also have a high value of professionalism.  Whatever I do in my work has to meet my own high standards of what is acceptable.  Another way I could say this, I guess, is that I care (that sounds nicer).

Anyway, thanks to the skill and extraordinary patience of two people – Dan Johnston, who edited and sharpened my copy, and Julien Feyen, who designed the banner for the e-course, and led me through most of the technical work required to publish it (translation – did it for me) – IT’S DONE!

So – for those of you who are already receiving my newsletter – Tips, Trends & Tidbits for Developing Leaders – and would like to receive my E-course – 9 Savvy Steps to Success in Career and Life, please let me know by email and I will begin the process that signs you up (you will receive a confirmation email and once you have clicked on the confirmation link, the course will be forwarded to you).

Or if you prefer, just go to my home page – – and subscribe through the form you see there.

It just occurred to me.  I should have entitled this: Perfectionism + Professionalism = Pride.  The good kind of pride.  The pride of accomplishment.

On that note, here are some questions for your reflection:

  • What values of yours most matter in the work you are doing?
  • What qualities get in the way of honouring those values?
  • How do you reconcile what you want to make happen with what gets in the way?

Happy to receive any comments on the above you might wish to share.

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