Navigating the Road Ahead

Have you been for a long walk lately, on a path or road you’ve never travelled on before?

If you did, what did you notice along the way?  Were you fixated on what you could or could not see ahead? Were you excited or anxious about what might lie around the next corner? Did you notice the log or rock in the middle of your path, and if so, did you skirt around it? step on it?  jump over it?

Or what about the path or road you are familiar with? Do you pay attention to it, or just routinely cover the distance to where you are going, your mind busy elsewhere?  How often do you look behind you, peer in the rear view mirror, or do you keep your gaze on the road ahead?

I once broke my arm on a walk on a park trail that was partially groomed, but allowed to be natural, with roots sticking out here and there.  Apparently I was supposed to watch my feet (as my friend informed me a bit too late), and which doesn’t happen when one is gazing at the beautiful forest all around.  So now on nature hikes, I try to watch where I’m stepping, while at the same time popping my head up often, so as not to miss the sights around me.  (It works, sort of.)

The road, or path, is a wonderful metaphor for how we choose to be in all aspects of our work and family lives.  If we are looking over our shoulder too often, do we run the risk of turning to salt, like Lot’s wife?; if we gaze too far ahead without noticing what’s at our feet, or around us, do we trip and fall?  But if our gaze is fixed on our feet, do we even see the path that awaits our discovery?

What do you notice about the way you navigate the paths you choose to follow?

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