Moving Past Blocks to Creativity and Productivity

I’ve had a remarkable year (well, 11 months to be accurate).  I’m only realizing it now.

Besides coaching many wonderful clients this past year, I’ve been on a learning and discovery journey as I engaged in and completed Marlena Field’s Legacy Program in Body Mind Spirit Coaching.  I know my clients – and hopefully my family and friends as well – will be the beneficiaries of all that I have absorbed and integrated from that experience.

I started a newsletter – Tips, Trends & Tidbits: For Developing Leaders – which I have been publishing faithfully almost every month (though once only in the summer and once in the early fall). I discovered that I do enjoy putting that out to the world.

And now I have designed and written an e-course called ”9 Savvy Steps to Success in Career and Life” that I am going to make available free on my website (and if you are already receiving my newsletter, I will make available to you as well).

It feels SO good to be creative and productive.  It feels great to get past the blocks that kept me from expressing myself in this way all these years.  (The exceptions are my website which I mostly wrote myself, and this blog, which although I started it several years ago, have only written in sporadically or in spurts).

I’ll let you know when my e-course is ready to roll.

So…. does anything resonate for you in this post?  Are you being blocked from expressing yourself creatively?   Or has it always flowed for you?  Or have you been blocked but moved past it?  How did you do that?

I’d love to hear your answers… or your curious questions.

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