Lost Baggage

Home from vacation?  Ready to leap into new challenges with vigour and excitement? Or coasting along from the lazy high of few responsibilities, no chores, and feeling delightfully spoiled?  

Which is you?  I’m the latter.  I can sense the former, but I’m still coasting along in that post-vacation haze.  I wonder if it has anything to do with our missing suitcase.  Seen in Terminal 1 at Heathrow where we arrived from Dublin, but not seen in Terminal 4 from whence we left for Canada.  And definitely NOT seen at Montreal when we arrived….or since.

Trusting that it will turn up, and wondering what if it doesn’t?  Feels like when you lose a document in cyberspace!!  You know it’s out there somewhere, but where?

Makes me feel like I’m in cyberspace too. I want to buckle down, but I’m floating out there with my suitcase and some of my worldly possessions.

Shall I be upset?  After all, it’s only “things”.  But I like those “things”.  And it’s a pain – and expensive – to replace them.   Maybe insurance will pay some.  Must read that policy more carefully – what does it cover, what not?  Maximum? Minimum?

What do you do when confronted with a minor annoyance like this, and a task you didn’t want on your to-do list.  Do you get upset? Or are you calm, cool and collected?  Do you worry?  Do you amp up the search?  Do you methodically follow a plan? Do you trust?   

I realize now I can choose my reaction.  No point being upset.  That doesn’t bring it back, or if it does, any faster.  I can be patient… and persistent.  Yes I can!

What is the symbolism here?  What baggage do I need to lose?  (e.g. my impatience, my tendency to express annoyance when frustrated, etc.)

OK, I get it.  I think I’ll go back to calling the airline AND trusting that the lost suitcase will show up….soon.  Wish me luck!

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