Letting your heart show

This morning at the gym, after a giddy afternoon and evening all across Canada, I watched a short tribute by Stephen Brunt, a Canadian sports journalist, summing up the amazing spirit that fueled our collective consciousness these past two Olympic weeks.  You can watch it on utube at:  Stephen Brunt

One phrase he said near the end, resonated for me.  With deep feeling he said:  “Admit it.  It feels good to let your heart show.”

Yes – it feels good.  How often do we, as Canadians in particular, but as human beings in general, hide from letting our hearts show?  How much of ourselves do we cover up out of fear, or politeness, or modesty, or false beliefs, or dozens of other reasons?  What are we afraid of?  That our hearts will burst if we allow them to expand?  That our carefully crafted defenses will be broken down if we show up as who we are, and do what we are capable of?  That we will be seen in our own magnificence?

The Olympians gave their all in every moment.  They wore their hearts proudly as they should.  Let us all revel in the spirit of the last two weeks, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the excellence, the heartbreak, and the victories.  Let us feel.   We must let our hearts show so we can participate in our lives to our fullest possible potential!

It does feel good!

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