Learning and Doing

I  am having SO much fun learning how to do this blog.

It has taken me literally years to get to the point where I was willing to ‘put myself out there’. I had all sorts of gremlins, (a.k.a. voice in the head) saying: what do you have to talk about that someone else isn’t already saying, and who cares what you are thinking about?,  Blogs are just public diaries, and I don’t want the world reading my diary! and, anyway, it’s just too complicated (hard/time-consuming/frivolous) to imagine doing! etc. etc.

So what happened?  l let go of the voices, the guilt, the pressure, the feeling I HAD to do this.  I  got in tune, clear, and paid attention to what matters, for me!  The very thing I say I help my clients do! 

And I had time, since it is summer, and regular work activities have slowed down, allowing my sub-conscious to bring forward ideas and creative thoughts.

I looked back at my notes from my sessions with my own coach, the wonderfully feisty, supportive Thea Sheldon, Prime of Life Coaching (www.theasheldon.com/prime-of-life.htm).  And realized she had been encouraging me to ‘just go for it’ – for an embarrassingly long time!   And I was inspired by the wonderful blogs produced by two of my dear, adventurous colleagues, Jeannie Campanelli (http://jeanniecampanelli.wordpress.com) and Teresa O’Neill (www.womansoaring.com)

And just then, an email from The Blog Squad, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman (www.blogsquad.biz) arrived with an irresistible offer to purchase their e-book How to Build a Better Blog (www.buildabetterblog.com). I had been receiving their ezine for a year or so, waiting I guess, for the day I was ready to do something about blogging.  So I bought it.  And started reading their excellent step-by-step guide how to do this. And I started to ‘play’ with designing my blog. They made it SO easy!

Then in a moment of uncharacteristic creativity, I wrote an introduction to my blog.  Oh, I said to myself.  That’s not too bad.  Nor too hard.  So in another uncharacteristic moment, I didn’t wait to hear what all my friends thought of it.  Nor did I wait till I had worked my way through the whole e-book, which I would have done before, and probably not done anything concrete other than file it! Instead, I just posted it!

(Thank you, Patsi and Denise!! I am excited to learn more and to find out who will be attracted to my blog over time.)

So what did I learn by doing this?

Sometimes you have to create space in your life and your day to allow creativity in.
Sometimes you just have to ‘go with the flow’.
Sometimes you just have to do the thing you have been thinking about it.    (Thinking is great, but only action gets results.)

I wonder what’s possible now!?

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