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This morning, reading about Nicholas Hughes’ tragic death (the son of Sylvia Path and Ted Hughes committed suicide as did his mother 46 years ago), I found myself moved by something his father is said to have written him. “..the only thing people regret is that they didn’t live boldly enough, that they didn’t invest enough heart, didn’t love enough.  Nothing else really counts at all”.

That stopped me in my tracks.  It made me question myself:  Am I living boldly enough?  Have I?  Do I invest enough heart in everything I do?  Do I love enough?

The answers to such questions don’t come quickly. Then again, good coaching questions (or ‘inquiries’ as we like to call them) don’t – they are not intended to.  What they are intended to do is have us think deeply, reflect, recalilbrate, perhaps shift our perspective, and ultimately our actions.

I plan to do just that with these questions about living life boldly, with enough heart, and loving alot!

For you, ask yourself also:

  • What does living bold mean to me/for me? Am I living boldly enough?
  • Am I investing enough heart? What is enough? What does investing enough heart give to me? to others?
  • Do I love enough?  Do I let others know of my love for them?

There are so many questions this thought raises. I’d love to know if it has inspired you and how you answer them.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Thought

  1. I saw the same quote and pondered some of the same questions. And I’m left with wondering how does one live more boldly when we live in the same town, with the same person, in the same job, on the same income . . . .
    Where does the boldness come in? I associate boldness with a certain amount of risk. If that’s true, where does the risk come in?

  2. I’ve recently taken a big career risk. I’m living more simply on less money, but much more happily with more time to think about and take baby steps towards more than one new directions more attuned to my interests and loves (which had changed or grown up some … unbeknownst to me.)
    I’d made two earlier career risks and both worked out beautifully, so I know that this one will, too.
    So for me. Bold is good. Find what you love and do what you love. And if that changes then change again!

  3. Great questions, Laure. I think boldness has an element of courage in it. In the sense of choosing to act in a way that is out of one’s comfort zone. Or it can also mean ‘clear and distinct to the eye; conspicuous’. I think it may be different for each of us – what is clear & distinct to our own eye. For some it may entail risk, for others just stepping up or out of one’s usual pattern – with joy.

  4. D – I love what you said about ‘bold’: Find what you love and do what you love! It may be a journey to get there, but the rewards are worth it.

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