Gremlin! You Mean You Lied To Me All This Time?

You see, I’ve had this Gremlin for a companion, lo, these many years. He tells me I’m not creative. I’m many other wonderful things, but I’m not creative! AND I BELIEVED HIM!! I admit it, I did.

I spent years taking coaching training programs and courses, certifications, a leadership program, and had several wonderful coaches who encouraged me in every way possible to dump that Gremlin. And many friends who have told me ”what do you mean, you’re not creative!?? That’s clearly not true, look at this, that and the other thing you created!”

But did I believe them? You guessed right.

Meanwhile, my erstwhile companion continued his annoying murmuring in my ear, ”They were just being nice, after all. No, you’re not creative like so and so. You can’t draw, you don’t think up ideas at the drop of a hat. You should write articles, but really you don’t want to. Because what would you say, anyway…huh?” (actually, he says ”eh,” being as we’re both Canadian.) And who would want to read it even if you wrote something? Oh sure, you won the prize in Grade XI for the best original short story…but that was Beginner’s Luck…and that was then, such a very long time ago, and this is now!”

But that WAS then, and this is NOW! And one morning, a magical thing happened. A ”confluence” of events. (I love that word – ”confluence.” A place where two rivers meet; a coming together,” says Oxford).

Event #1: I attended a coaching retreat, where we learned to “move energy” and did so every day for four days in fun and surprising ways….. and something shifted in me.

Event #2: I was leading a discussion with a Women’s Group I led (called Women Living Out Loud! – hello! I created that!) on how you notice your intuition, how it shows up – if you pay attention.

Event #3: The word “muse” kept crossing my path in different ways …. and I chose to pay attention!

Event #4: My day cleared unexpectedly, and I had already cleaned up my desk and my Inbox the weekend before. No more reasons to procrastinate.

Event #5: I took to my bubble bath, the one place where I have discovered that ideas miraculously pop into my head.

I wasn’t too sure for awhile where to start, what to write about, who to write it for….. and then the idea popped in to write this article just for fun, and not be attached to the outcome. As the bubbles subsided, I realized that ye old Gremlin had been lurking beneath, so decided to let him leave by the drain along with the bathwater. Miraculously, another idea came, and another, and another.

And I am having such a good time now, that I just want to keep writing and writing and writing and writing…… excuse me, I have another article to begin…..

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