First Steps

This morning I woke early, restless, and picked up a book on my bedroom bookshelf that I realized I’ve had for a long time and not yet read.  “Dropped Threads” is a beautiful compendium of personal stories about women’s lives, edited by Carol Shields and Marjorie Anderson. I was on the third story by Isabel Huggan when a sentence leapt out at me.

In her musings about life learnings, Ms. Huggan observed:  You cannot know the path through the forest until your feet are making their own footsteps in the ground.

I like how this statement simply captures the notion that our journey is our own.  To me it means that the path is a unique one and that the road ahead will only be discovered step by step, with intention, curiosity, and determination to move forward.  No-one else can walk there for you, or for me.

So my questions to you this morning are:

  • What is true for you about your own path and the road ahead?  
  • Where have your footsteps led you till now, and where might they be taking you?
  • What is your first step?

2 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. Good questions, Marcia! My steps have led me ever-closer to my heart and my soul’s desire. It’s not always a smooth path, and I love being in my mid-sixties and still discovering more of who I am and what my capacities are. This journey is one-of-a-kind and it’s good to know so many sisters on a similar path.

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