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Let’s have a chat on the phone so we can find out a little bit more about each other.

This introductory meeting is a chance for you to learn more about my Next Step One-on-One Coaching™ approach and share with me what is most important to you at this time.

You can ask me any questions you have and find out how coaching might help you achieve your current goals, as well as help you progress to your next step.

This low-key, low-pressure conversation is a chance for us to discover if we’re a good fit.

Whether we choose to continue working together or not, I guarantee our conversation will provide a new perspective. After our call you will feel inspired and excited for the future.

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“Marcia is very intuitive and picks up not just on your words but your tone of voice and even your mannerisms. She hears what you say or feel beyond just the words you say. You tell her your story and she tells it back to you in a more detailed way. She unmasks things that you weren’t even aware you were masking.  By doing this, she has helped me see myself from a new perspective. She has helped me make changes and shift beliefs I have tried to change for most of my lifetime.”

Cindy Johnson, Goldsmith-Designer
Kingston, Ontario

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