Connecting in 2013

This morning I came across an interesting statistic – namely a report of a survey saying that 60 percent of employees use a mobile device for work, with an anticipated increase in number of devices per employee.   The post on the website Smart Data Collective, suggests that the number of devices will rise from 2.3 per employee in 2012 to 2.8 in 2014.

Well, seems I’m ahead of the trend, having this week made an indulgent purchase – an Apple iPad Mini!   I have used a desktop iMac in my office for several years, have an iPhone to carry with me, and a Macbook Air to use in the family room in the mornings and evenings, and have resisted the tablet until now – but the mini was way too attractive to ignore for a travelling companion – especially with the Logitech keyboard doubling as a cover.  So now I have, count ‘em, FOUR devices, all beautifully integrated courtesy of iCloud!

So what does this have to do with Coaching HeartTalk?  (It’s not meant to be a plug for Apple, though I do love Apple products and service – can’t help myself).  It’s more about the fact that I coach from my heart, and anything that helps me do that, is worth the investment.  My ‘toys’ as I like to call them, help me connect with my work, my ‘people’, my life.

Do I use them to the exclusion of human contact?  I like to think not, because I am all about connection with others – though one (including me) does have to be vigilant about the attachment to the device when others are nearby.

So some questions:  How does technology entice you?  How does it help or hinder your ability to connect from your heart with what matters to you and the people you care about?

I would love to know your thoughts.

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