Bringing Out the Best in Others

One of my wonderful clients has so much wisdom in his heart!  He said to me the other day when we were coaching: “When I see the best in others, they begin to see it themselves.  Then they are so eager, and full of zeal.  And I am always surprised at who comes out shining!”

Of course, bringing out the best in others IS the job of every leader.   When I first was attracted to coaching as a profession, and devoured every coaching book that had been written at the time, one that I read was John Whitmore’s Coaching for Performance.  One of the many statements in that book that resonated for me then, and still does, is: “To get the best out of people, we have to believe the best is in there.”

I love that.  We have to believe the best is in there.

What a simple and powerful truth.    It does make you stop and ask yourself what you believe about others, doesn’t it?  And what you believe inherently about people?  About those that work for you? About what’s possible when you believe that the best is in them?

If you believe that, how do you act? and what is the result?

If you don’t believe it, how do you act?  and what is the result?

Food for thought, yes?

p.s. We finally did get our suitcase back.  More about that later.

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