How Coaching Works

Getting Started

We begin our coaching with a Foundation Session – 1 1/2  to 2 hours in person or by telephone. In that conversation, we:

  • explore what has brought you to coaching
  • uncover what you want to get out of the experience
  • identify what your organization is looking for from you
  • set goals that reflect what you want to achieve
  • talk about logistics
  • make mutual commitments
  • begin coaching

The Ongoing Process

As a Professional Certified Coactive Coach, my coaching approach is to create a coaching partnership with you, one that is equal but focused on your goals and agenda–not mine.

My job will be to keep my eye on the big picture you have outlined, while following what’s important in the moment (that day/that week), knowing that every thought, idea, question, discovery is in service of your goals.

What It’s Like to Work With Me

Coaching is a very special kind of relationship. The coaching relationship is a partnership where the focus is on you. Like any partnership or relationship, it is founded on trust and respect, and knowledge of the other.

So you might be wondering who you would be creating this partnership with and what you can expect from me. I know when we speak in person, you will know if I am the executive leadership or life coach for you.

What You Can Expect

In the meantime, here are some clues as to what you can count on or expect if I coach you.

You can count on me to be an understanding, respectful listener, deeply interested in your concerns, your dreams and your goals.

You can expect me to be gentle yet direct, intuitive and insightful. I will ask you the hard questions, knowing that you have the wisdom and answers within, but maybe not the pathway to find them.

I know that I will be a solid champion of you and your success. You can rely on me to believe in you totally and to speak the truth as I see it and to encourage you to do the same.

I will be open to hearing whatever you need and want to say. If I misread you or the situation, you can expect me to own up to my mistake.

I will follow your “agenda” but not hesitate to let you know if I think you are off your own track. I will encourage you, with sensitivity, not to shy away from exploring messy or painful places.

I will make sure we have lots of room and time to laugh and celebrate the good stuff.

My emphasis will always be on showing you your best way to be, leading from your heart, living your life in balance, and being in charge of your own destiny.

Who I Work With

The women and men I work with and most love to coach are smart, ambitious, and have many interests and talents. They are eager to find the path to success on their own terms.

They want their lives to have purpose, their work to have meaning and all their endeavours to be worthwhile.

Spouses, children, parents and friendships are priorities for them and they find time to involve themselves in their communities.

They come to coaching because they want to make a difference in their own careers and lives and the lives of others, they are open to learning in all its forms, and they want to be their very best at what they do.

Leaders at work, in their communities and in their lives, they are in executive or management positions in corporations or government departments or agencies. They have backgrounds in accounting, architecture, engineering, law, dentistry, psychology, medicine.

Some are speech therapists, massage therapists, human resource professionals and financial planners. Or they are entrepreneurs, running their own businesses or professional practices.

Some are in career transition.

They value help in developing their vision, guidance in creating and holding themselves to their plan and assurance they are on the right track.

Sometimes they need a sounding board for their ideas or their frustrations. Often they need reminders to focus on personal self-care.

And they all yearn to hear what they know is true in their hearts about their strengths, their capabilities and their accomplishments.

What I Love About My Clients

What I love about the women and men I coach is their willingness to explore uncharted territory, to look within, to reframe old beliefs and to try out new behaviours.

I love being witness to the subtle shifts in perception they make, the new perspectives they develop and to their surprise and delight at how intensely those shifts and new perspectives benefit others in positive ways.

I love applauding their bold actions and celebrating their successes.

And mostly, I love that they see in 3D what they are capable of, and how they impact the world within them and around them.

My Ideal Clients

My ideal client has a certain confident air and yet is not as assured as the world sees him or her.

My ideal client knows somewhere deep inside that anything is possible if only she or he could silence the self-sabotaging inner critic that visits us all from time to time.

My ideal client wants to create more than he or she is creating now.

My ideal client is searching for ways to achieve what matters most to her or him – whether it’s adventure, achievement, contentment, satisfaction or joy.

My ideal client is open to discovery and is willing to try out new ways of being.

My ideal client is able to laugh with me and at him/herself.

If the shoe fits and you are curious to know more, click here to learn how you and I can work together.

It doesn’t matter where you live–Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia — Vancouver or Halifax, Boston or San Diego, Tel Aviv, London or Sydney — or somewhere in between. The telephone, these days at very little cost, is our private and secure connection where you can be yourself.

Or if you are ready now to talk about coaching for you, email me and I will happily set up a time for an introductory conversation.