Coaching Services

Choose the coaching approach and format that best suits your need to grow your leadership, your career, your life.

Either choose personalized one-on-one coaching or a mutually supportive group learning experience.

Note: Coaching may be organizationally supported or personally chosen. When supported by an organization as a professional growth opportunity, the “Sponsor” has a stake and a role in the goals and outcomes established between Coach and Client, but agrees in advance to respect the confidentiality of the coaching relationship.

Individually – One on One, All for You

The heart of my coaching is working with you one on one. Helping you get clear on where you want to go and how you want to get there. Asking you both tough and gentle questions to illuminate the answers you have within. Pointing out different perspectives on issues you struggle with. Brainstorming with you to improve relationships and work through conflicts with yourself and others.

Our work together is about growth and achievement. Your learning, your growth, your achievement. Don’t hold back. Go for it!

Flexible – As You/We Design It

In our first session or sessions, we identify your aspirations, clarify your goals and create our coaching agreement. We engage in a dialogue focused on what you want to accomplish. And we plan to meet, usually by telephone, in two or three sessions per month of 30-60 minutes each. And exchange emails or have additional just-in-time calls when issues or causes for celebration arise.

We explore what is really important to you and discover new perspectives and pathways to create the career and life you want. The shifts in your view of your world, and the actions you take as a result, will happen both on the calls and between them.

Group Coaching – Synergy, Energy, Mutual Support

As much as I love working with clients one on one, I also enjoy leading small groups and facilitating the sharing, personal discovery and friendships that result.  When I lived in New Brunswick, I created a program for women focused on their own personal development and growth.  Called Women Living Out Loud!, it was initially a 6-week program but was extended at the participants’ request for ongoing sessions.

Women Living Out Loud! – For women who want the connection, support and encouragement to step out of their comfort zones and limiting beliefs to live their lives fully! Previous programs have been held in person and they are now also available in telecall format.

And do contact me by email to set up a conversation so you can determine which approach or program is best for you at this time and/or for a complimentary coaching session.