Coaching in Organizations

Developing Leaders

Progressive organizations employ and/or engage coaches as an effective way

  • to develop new leaders
  • enhance the capabilities of leaders and managers
  • better manage and lead people for high performance
  • retain valuable staff

Today, leaders at all levels have coaches, and coaching skills are being taught in organizations around the world.

Benefits of Leadership Coaching

A study by MetrixGlobal and Linkage Inc.* found both tangible and intangible benefits of coaching in the respondents’ organizations, as follows:

Intangible Benefits: 

  • Teamwork and collaboration increased.
  • People felt more engaged in their work and were less likely to leave the organization.
  • The bench strength of leadership increased, making more leaders available for new opportunities for advancement.

Tangible Benefits:

  • reduced cost of operations
  • improved quality of products and services
  • increased productivity and net revenue

* “The Utilization and Impact of Leadership Coaching in Organizations – Results from the Second Annual Benchmark Study”

Bringing Coaching into the Organization

There are many ways to bring coaching into an organization to obtain these benefits. They include one-on-one coaching for leadership development provided by either external or internal coaches, group coaching for team development, and teaching coaching skills to managers and leaders.

Engaging an External Professional Certified Coach

The best coaches have been trained in coaching skills, have broad work and life experience, hold professional certifications.

Marcia Dorfman has these credentials and experience.

MSOD – Master of Science in Organization Development, Pepperdine University

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, The Coaches Training Institute

CBCC – Certified Body-Centered Coach, Marlena Field, Founder

She is an experienced leader and manager herself, who has coached hundreds of professional men and women in organizations. Her clients appreciate her understanding of their world, their issues, pressures, and aspirations.

As an organization development practitioner, she has worked with leaders on strategic planning, team building, change management, management skill building and designed and led workshops on coaching skills for managers.

Your Next Step?

if you would like to enhance your leadership capabilities within your organization, or

if you wish to offer personalized leadership development to someone on your team, or

if you would like your team as a whole to benefit from coaching, individually and/or as a group,

Contact Marcia today by email to arrange a time to talk about your coaching needs and how she can help you and your organization move forward purposefully.