Next Step One-on-One Coaching: For Developing Leaders™

“I met Marcia while I was completing my MBA and she was my coach for over a year. At the time I was in a major transitional period. Not only was I completing my MBA, but the company I worked at was undergoing significant organizational change. When I first met Marcia there was a lot of turmoil in my career. She helped me look at the bigger picture and take a longer view on my career.” Read more →
Marcia DorfmanLeadership and Life Coach

You’re a Developing Leader On Your Way Up

I’d be curious to know…

  • What is it you want your life and your career to look like?
  • Do you have aspirations but aren’t sure how to achieve them?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the demands of work and the rest of your life?
  • Are you feeling disappointed or unsatisfied with where you are at?
  • Are your expectations not being met by your reality?

These thoughts and feelings are common. A lot of people in this hectic world we live in are questioning their status quo and what’s next for them.

While some of the challenges you face as a developing leader are natural to a career progression, some are not. Many of these challenges are new to your generation. Addressing them successfully requires a new approach and a new way of being.

I love that you’re looking at coaching to help you successfully take the next step in your career and life.

Coaching is where tens of thousands of CEOs and Executives turn every year. They rely on coaches to develop the skills and mindset they need to reach their next level of success at work and to balance that success with a healthy life.

If you could make your life and career exactly how you wanted it, what would be different?

I imagine you’d like to be praised and promoted at work. You want to develop your skills as a leader. At the same time, I imagine you want more balance and happiness at home. More joy, fulfillment and growth in life.

I’m guessing there is a part of you that is also very driven. Part of you wants to be carefree but the other part feels a need to keep moving forward as fast as possible.

A little inner conflict perhaps.

I know you are someone who really cares about growth and development. You want to make the most of your days and your life.

You’re someone who cares about doing a good job. You also care about your family, your health and being true to your personal values…but lately these areas have been neglected in favour of more and more work pressures.

Keep Moving Forward

“One of my goals in working with Marcia was to get clarity on some very big decisions. I was going to have to make these changes in any case, but working with Marcia has enabled me to do it from a confident and comfortable place.

The work we do together is digging deep and touches all aspects of my life. It can’t help but impact every other area and leave a positive effect. Marcia has brought grace to what could have been a messy process. That is the value Marcia adds.”

Michelle Audas
Fredericton, New Brunswick

I think you’re a person to whom family is really important. You want to flourish in your career AND have a healthy, happy and balanced life.

I have the feeling you’re curious, intelligent and really growing. You are someone open to self-discovery. You want to make changes in your life. You’re my ideal client.

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