Using Time Well

Do you use your time well, or is managing it a constant challenge? 

Most of us tend to think that we have managed our time well when we have been productive, done all our tasks or projects, and feel a sense of accomplishment.

But what about down-time, time spent relaxing?  That, in my humble opinion, is equally important.  Reading a book, the newspaper, or your favourite blogs, watching TV, meditating (still or in motion), in conversation with loved ones or friends or even strangers – where do all these fit in your definition of ‘using your time well’?

I used my time well last evening because I packed for a short 3-day trip then, instead of leaving it until this morning; now I have time to relax, listen to music, and write a blogpost, instead of being stressed to be ready in time for my train.  Oh yes, and go to the gym! 🙂

What is your definition of using your time well?  What are your criteria for well-managed time? How do you rate yourself (or do you berate yourself?) about your time management? 

What tips do you have to offer others who struggle with or agonize about using their time well?

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