The Inevitability of Change

It’s a truism that change is the norm….yes, even inevitable.  I thought of that today while driving between Syracuse and the Canadian border, aware of how the landscape had changed dramatically in only a few days.  I took the same route a few days ago in the opposite direction and there was only a hint of fall, with little spurts of orange peeking through the green of the trees.  Today there was bright red, lots of orange, some yellow.  And it was very chilly this morning!!

I won’t say much about how much had changed dramatically over the past week, save to mention, if this post lives on, that last week was the week of stunning changes in the economic landscape in the U.S., and spill-offs only beginning to be felt across that country, my country, and around the world.

One day everything is green, and a few days later, nothing is the same.  And those of us who live in northern climes, know that the leaves will soon fall, and it will snow.  It’s inevitable.  And after a time, spring will come, with new growth and new possibilities.

So all kinds of questions come to mind.

How do you react to change?
To the inevitability of change?
To the suddenness of change?

Do you prepare?  How do you accept it?  How do you adapt to it?  How does it call on your leadership? Your creativity?

What are your anchors? How do you ground yourself?
How do you lead others in a time of change?
How do you lead yourself?

If you care to comment, I would like to know how you integrate change into your leadership and your life.

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