Staying on Purpose

I have a little sticky note on my computer that asks the question:  What is the purpose in this?

(My new coach, Shahmeen Sadiq (, helped me pose that question to myself when I complained about my self-perceived failures in managing my time well).

I so love to read new emails, call my friends to chat, click onto web-links that intrigue me etc., instead of doing the things on my list that will get me to where I really want to be.

It’s wonderful how a simple question can stop you in your tracks and have you question your own actions and behaviours. The point is, of course, that for a good chunk of our time at least, we should be doing the things, and behaving in the ways, that move us toward our goals and our desires.

I know that I want to grow my practice with more interesting business and professional people than are already coaching with me, so I can help more of them make a difference in their own careers and lives.    Doing things that aren’t on my ‘to do’ list but are just fun to do… is well, fun, but doesn’t get me closer to my goal.

However, it is, in fact, happening. My practice is growing!  Wonderful new clients are finding me.  I wonder if it’s because I am paying attention to that little sticky note after all!!  You think?

Do you relate to this at all?  If so — what question will focus you back on the track you want to be on?

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