Roman Ruins & Gratitude

Today I visited a small German town where a Roman Villa has been recreated as a museum with artifacts from 200BC to 300AD. Seeing the reconstructed pieces of irrigation ditches, baths and sanitary facilities, ceramic bowls, metal keys and knives, that were cleverly created and used so many centuries ago, one can’t help but be in awe of the inventiveness of this early civilization.

In spite of what it appeared to offer in sophistication, I reminded myself how grateful I am to be living in the early 21st century with all the conveniences I take for granted – including being able to connect with you via my laptop and wireless connection, and send off this blogpost!

I invite you to stop for a moment and imagine what it might be like to live two thousand years ago. And ask yourself: What would I miss about life in the 21st Century? What in my life am I taking for granted?

I know I am grateful for my life and the ease with which I can live it.
What are you grateful for?

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