Personal Best

Never an athlete nor sports fan, I find myself this summer absorbed in watching amazing athletes – first the Tour de France, and now the Olympics. Fascinated by the demonstration of courage, determination, perseverance, and just plain beauty in the human body stretched to its capacity. Strong, vibrant, young women and men striving for a medal and/or their personal best.

What does it take to make that kind of commitment? To dream, to train, to give your all? Day after day, year after year. To weather the disappointments, and keep the dream alive. To perform for thousands and millions of people while maintaining phenomenal focus and concentration.

And how huge must be the joy and heart-filling satisfaction when that personal best is achieved!

I cannot imagine doing that with my body … but I do try to do that with my mind. In everything I tackle, I try to do it well, to the best of my ability. I learn all I can, and give my all, to be the best coach for my clients. When I write, I take pride in putting my best foot forward, making sure that what I intended to say will be heard that way by the reader. When I speak to people, I try to be kind and sensitive to their needs. Am I always? No.. but aiming for my personal best, I achieve it more times than not.

How about you? How does “personal best” show up in your life? In your career? At home? In everything you do?

What’s possible when you strive for your personal best?

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