Perseverance in the Face of Frustration

I have always admired people who quietly persevere in the face of frustration. I think they are truly the successful ones in life.  They are successful because by persevering, they ultimately achieve their goals, and – bonus – they reduce stress and anxiety.

I thought of this today as I tried to deal with some technical computer related issues.  (Normally that’s guaranteed frustration, stress and anxiety for me!) Some emails have been bouncing that I sent to a former client I have written to for years; it appeared her company now has a new and very aggressive spam filter. Good for them. Except my emails aren’t going through.  I had to negotiate with my internet provider who said it was the fault of my host, and my host who said it was the fault of my internet provider.  I felt like a bouncing ball – and what’s more I just didn’t get it.

Fortunately my son is a computer programmer and patiently explained to me how this whole thing was happening and why, such that I was able to calmly call the Internet Provider again and explain, patiently, how I understood the problem. No doubt my calmness and lack of frustration helped her see the light, and she is going to fix it!

A small event in my day, and so much learning when I stop to reflect (fortunately it’s Saturday, and I’m not rushing to the next meeting or phone call or email).

I learned that:

  • When I slow down, I can deal with frustration better.
  • Frustration does not solve the problem and in fact delays a solution.
  • If am frustrated, I only cause myself and anyone nearby stress and anxiety.
  • When I stay calm and take my time, one step at a time, lo and behold, the solution emerges!

Anything there resonate for you?

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