On Flying High and Landings

Well…almost there. En route between planes and trains after a fabulous two weeks – the first one in western Germany and Luxembourg and last week and weekend in gorgeous Ireland attending the wedding of our eldest son.

If you can, get married in Ireland! The Irish do know how to celebrate in style, and definitely how to party! From the wedding ceremony itself in the afternoon in a small, sandstone church on a hill in a small country town – led with reverence and warmth by Father O’Meara – to the dancing and singing into the wee hours of the morning in a Gothic Revival Castle, which has welcomed visitors since 1208! (see Kinnitty Castle). – all of it was perfect, or as our hosts would say, “brilliant!”

It goes without saying that the bride was truly elegantly beautiful, the groom resplendent in his tuxedo, the attendants (bridesmaids, groomsmen, matron of honour and best man) magnificent also. Proud parents beamed and friends and families from Ireland and Canada mingled and celebrated joyfully. When I shed tears, they were tears of joy, sentimentality, and wonder at the promise of adventurous young lives setting out together.

Funny how smiles and tears can co-mingle like that! Strange how joy and sadness are bound together. Curious how we can feel full one minute, and empty the next…..or excited and anticipatory, then calm and reflective.

Yesterday I was flying (literally and figuratively); today I am back on terra firma, looking backward nostalgically, and forward eagerly.

Where are you today? What is nostalgic for you? What are you eagerly anticipating?

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