On a Roll

I love when I feel like I am “on a roll”.  I have lots of energy, I am productive, I feel great.

That’s how it is these days – when work is abundant, the air is crisp and I feel exceptionally more optimistic and grateful for my career and life.

What brings on all this goodness?

Is it the weather? (unusually pleasant here in Eastern Ontario, i.e. not damp & cold) in early November?

Is it that I just started working with four new clients, and I am always energized and excited about the possibilities for them?

Is it that I gave a presentation on Managing Time (translation: managing oneself!) last week and came back determined to follow my own tips and techniques?  And am!

Is it that I refuse to let the economic doom and gloom penetrate my optimism and positive feelings about life?

Or is it just that I am on a roll, in the flow, and the more I feel that way, the more I accomplish, and the more good things come my way.

Do you notice when you are on a roll?  What makes you feel positive and energized?

How do you maintain your optimism in the face of setbacks?  What do you  need to do (better yet, who do you need to be?) to get yourself ‘on a roll’?

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