Noticing Joy

Today I am feeling joyous.  And I’m loving the feeling.  And noticing what that’s about! 

My family (sister, brother-in-law and 21-year old nephew) is visiting (yes, “is” is correct grammar – I can’t help it – I was an English major :)), the sun is shining, sky is blue – no rain for once , (tho’ the rain has been great for the lawn and flowers), and we’re just hanging out doing stuff together. 

The “boys” went cycling this morning, my sister relaxed (something rare for her these days as she runs two businesses with her husband and was taking a masters degree online at the same time!), I solved a problem or two on the computer by myself! (well, solved a problem may be stretching it a bit, but I got something done that needed to be done)…AND wonder of wonders, I CLEANED the frig till everything sparkled. OK – I had to – some yoghurt leaked awhile ago….and…need I say more?

And I’m, wonder of wonders, looking forward to writing more blog posts!  Wow – amazing what happens when you get “unstuck”!

Silly stuff, but I’m happy.  Feel expanded, warm, smiling, adventurous…content.

Do you notice when you feel joyous?
What’s that feeling like for you?
What’s going on at those times?

Notice your joy…. and more joy will come to you.  Honest.

One thought on “Noticing Joy

  1. Marcia: OMIGODDESS, you did it! Your voice is so clear, filled with joy and humor and gallons of wisdom. I can’t wait to read more–and reflect on your provocative questions. M-M-M-M-M! from your coach–Thea

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