A New Year’s Wish

Last week I read a great blogpost by a coach who recounted that instead of creating resolutions, she chooses three words that represent what she would like to bring into her life in the coming year.    That’s a good idea, I thought.  And up popped my three words from that intuitive place in me.  They were:  Health, Wealth and Joy.  That’s what I am intending for the coming year.   (‘wealth’ standing not so much for money but for a steady stream of awesome clients who light up my life).

What I liked about this idea was that it was so easy to call up the words, and that they are not laden with ‘must do’.  Not that there is anything wrong with ‘doing’… it’s just the ‘must’ that seems to burden me, being that I am a kind of go-with-the-flow person. Well, that’s another topic.    By the way, apologies for not giving proper credit to whomever it was that gave me this idea, as my recall has left me in the dust of last year.

A question for you:

What 3 words would you like to be the focus of your intentions for the next 12 months?

Until they pop up for you,  I wish you mine. May good health, wealth (however you define it), and much joy be yours in the year ahead.

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