New Year/New Energy

For those of you who managed some time off over the holiday season, how is your energy as the first work day in the new year gets started?

Have you hit the ground running today?

Yesterday I was still in holiday mode and wishing it could continue. Yet here I am on Monday, full of energy and enthusiasm, excited by the possibilities that 2009 will bring me, ready to tackle undone tasks and get creative about my learning, my marketing, my business growth.

What is it about the symbolism of the new year, that brings out this optimism, opportunity and burst of energy?

I must say that I am delighted to see more and more articles and opinion pieces in the newspapers and online by and about people who are finding opportunity and having success in these challenging times.  Who see the bright side, not the dark side.

I wonder if they are successful because they are optimistic, creative and able to see opportunities and act on them.

Where is your energy and creativity residing today?  What would bring it forth (even more)?   What new plans are you making for your organization/your business/your life?

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