Listening to My Heart

It’s a long time since I’ve written on my blog.  Not sure I can explain why I haven’t, nor why I am finally doing so today, but hope you’re glad I’m back.  It’s something about listening to the wisdom in my own heart.  Funny how the ‘teacher’ teaches what she has to learn.

What I do know is that I have my own process…. And that if I allow things to evolve, they will.  Forcing never works.  So the past number of months have been about ‘just being’, and enjoying life, while my subconscious works away in the realm of deeper knowledge and awareness than is on the surface.

I know that it is time again to step out into the world in this way.  Time to participate, not just read, listen and watch.  How I know that is by how moved I am, as are all of you I’m sure, by the horrors in Haiti.  My heart is deeply touched by the devastation that is almost impossible to comprehend, the widespread suffering, the generosity of those who contribute financially because we can and so far it’s all we feel we can do — and more so by those who go to help because they have the skills, the resources, the compassion to serve in this long hour of need – whether they are medical personnel, soldiers, journalists, family members, friends or strangers.

I also think about what lies ahead – for the saved and the saviours – all of whom are no doubt traumatized in ways yet to be revealed.  And yet I know the human spirit is tremendously resilient and resourceful and believe that, out of the horror, has come humanity; out of the devastation, a future will emerge; kindness and compassion along with concrete assistance, will alleviate the pain and suffering.

What does your heart know?  Are you listening?

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