Links and Resources

The following are resources and links to colleagues and organizations I value and that have contributed to my own professional development. I hope some of them will be of benefit to you.

Coaching/Leadership Programs

  • Courage to ActA Women’s Leadership Program–small program with big impact that I co-lead with Kathleen Howard and other leader/ coaches.
  • Entrevis™  The designers of the business and professional development 7-month program (A Better Way to Live and Work™) that I coach/lead in small groups and with individual clients.
  • Co-Active Leadership Program (The Coaches Training Institute)  powerful experiential 4-retreat program designed to uncover, deepen and build on your natural strengths as a leader.


  • Life Balance Coaching for Fathers with Ken Mossman  Ken specializes in life balance and business coaching for fathers. He also helps both men and women tap into their creative so they can have more fun, connection and intimacy. After all, what could be better than that?
  • Body-Centered Coaching   A great ICF-CCEU approved training resource for coaches who want to learn a method for connecting clients with the body’s wisdom, created and led virtually by Marlena Field, PCC, CPCC from her home in Kamloops, BC.
  • Parlance Training  Isabel Parlett really gets the new language of business and shares this in her powerful teleclasses so we can ”find the words we need to rock the world.”

Related Services

  • Couple Enrichment Inc.  Relationship at a crossroads? Get back on track with husband-and-wife co-therapists Louise Dorfman and David Rubinstein in a private, three day intensive Couples Retreat. Bed and breakfast accommodation at a tranquil away-from-it-all country setting in Hockley Valley, Ontario. Call 1-877-897-2333
  • Organization Plus!  Elaine Shannon, Professional Organizer, Speaker and Motivator, based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Ask Elaine more about how ”being organized is the most proactive thing you can do to take control of your life.”
  • Robert Middleton  Marketing ”guru” who provides relevant and invaluable information to independent service professionals wanting to attract more clients, in his Info-Guru Manual, ezine, teleclasses, tapes and newsletters.
  • Graphic Designer  Jocelyne Saulnier, specializing in creating logos that best reflect you and the nature of your business! Jocelyne has a knack for catching the essence of what you want to represent. She designed mine and was a pleasure to work with. Website in development. Meantime, contact her at
  • Social Marketing Consultant  Jennifer Baker, Jennifer Baker Consulting – works with people and business, educating them on how to use social media.  Offers workshops and seminars, and private one-o-one sessions.  Loves teaching, and it shows! Proud to be her student
  • Website Developer  Julien Feyen – a techie with a creative bent – a great communicator – really delivers! Warning: He’s so fast and thorough, he keeps you on your toes! 🙂


  • CTI–The Coaches Training Institute  The premier coach training organization for co-active coaches. Has trained the largest number of certified coaches globally and is the creator of the most widely used text book in coaching. Provides outstanding coaching, leadership and relationship coaching training.
  • ICF–The International Coach Federation  The largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches, and a source for those seeking a coach. A nonprofit, individual membership organization (10,000 in 2006) and a global forum for the art and science of coaching.