Let Positivity Prevail

These are strange times we are in.  In what seems like short order, our perception and for many, reality, is that the world has turned on its axis.   How do we look at this time we are in?  It can be unsettling, distressing and downright depressing, OR it can be full of opportunity!

I do wonder how much of the current economic situation, real though it is, is brought about by fear, the pervasiveness and immediacy of both old and new forms of communication, and the psychology of fear.  Fear feeds upon itself.  Just as we know gratitude feeds upon itself.  As does positive thinking!

It is interesting to observe who focuses on doom and gloom in these challenging times, and who uses the challenging times to create new goals, strategies, marketing approaches and the re-jigging of priorities.  I see both, and fortunately lately, more of the latter!

Generally an optimistic person myself, I can get caught in the trap of “awfullizing” – i.e. “oh isn’t it awful”, etc.   You know, I do think that brings on ‘awful’.

So I am choosing to pay attention to my thoughts and words, so I don’t bring ‘awful’ down around me and my business.   I choose to bring opportunity to my business, and joy to my life.

I listened in on a telecall yesterday with Laura West, life and business coach and marketer extraordinaire (www.joyfulbusiness.com), who has created Joyful Business as her brand.  Laura shared some of her secrets to attracting business.  Listening to her, I was reminded, and inspired, to re-commit to my own goals and focus with positivity on what I am creating and contributing in the world.

So a coaching question for today might be:  What is possible for you and your business or organization, if you create a climate of positivity within you and around you?

One thought on “Let Positivity Prevail

  1. Marcia,
    I know EXACTLY what you mean. I wonder what would happen if the media talked less about the recession …
    But what I really liked about your post is that you used the word “positivity.” I was thinking earlier this week that we don’t seem to use or hear that word often enough!!!
    Also I DID read this week that life coaching is an occupation that should do well in leaner economic times. So there you go. There’s some POSITIVITY!
    Thanks for your blog.

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