The Journey of a Million Steps

Musings on International Women’s Day: I was looking for something in my computer this morning, and came across this article that I  wrote (when I lived in New Brunswick) for the Telegraph Journal’s International Women’s Day Supplement.  It still seems relevant a decade or so later……….

We’ve come a long way….. and isn’t it wonderful to be a woman in the 21st Century – in North America at least (I wish I could say that for all parts of the world).  We ARE on a roll! Our journey was charted by others before us, and we are blessed to walk the path that the pioneers of women’s rights laid down for us almost a century ago.

Today we celebrate the achievements and contributions of scores of women who have fought for active participation and equality in society and passed that on to us. And for those of us with the good fortune to have achieved it? What now is our role?

Are we meant to be leaders on the world stage? In Politics? Law? Education? Social Policy? Medicine? The Arts? Some, yes. Are we meant to raise the next generation to solve the world’s ills? A noble calling. Are we supposed to carry on the heritage of sacrificing ourselves in service of others? Some would say, service yes; sacrifice no.

Or is our task to discover our purpose in life, learn how to give full expression to it, and make a difference for every person we meet?

The specific answer is different for each one of us.

What is the same, however, is this. Our role – that we have inherited from the pioneers and from our mothers and grandmothers – demands that we choose to become our best selves, that we choose to embrace life fully, and that we choose a path of meaning for ourselves and contribution to others.

With understanding, connection to our heart and gut, and commitment to our purpose, each of us can make the difference we want to make in our lives, our community and the world.

We owe it to those who walked before us, to everyone who comes after, and most of all, to ourselves.

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